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UK & European Boat Transport - UK Boat Shift - European Boat Moves - Specialist Transport


Step 1 - Contact - FAQ's

  • Fill out our online quotation request form.
  • We will get back to you with a price.
  • Once you have agreed to this, we will book the dates.
  • All of the information collected will enable us to carry out all of the necessary paperwork

Quotation Request Form

Things to Consider

 Cranes / lifts

We normally leave the arrangement and payment of any cranes or Marina lifts to the owner. This arrangement service can be provided for a small fee, as getting both ends and all of the transport to tie up can sometimes be the most frustrating part of arranging transport! The whole package of lifting and transport will then be arranged and paid for by us, and payment for all services can be made to us, making easy work of arranging the day.


We have a specialist goods in transit policy that covers our service on an 'all risks' basis. This is the most comprehensive cover that can be applied. The standard value that we cover to is £300,000. If your boat is over this value, a very small additional premium will be required to ensure full cover. It is still advisable to have full comprehensive insurance on your craft whilst in transit.

Boats travelling to Spain will require their policy document to be translated into Spanish. This will be provided by your insurer. The policy will be required to be shown to the 'capitanerie' or harbour master before the boat will be launched into the water.


For all boat moves we will issue a pro-forma invoice, and require payment before the day. Payment should be made by a cheque or internet banking transfer (Funds must be cleared before the day). If arranged, we may accept cash when we arrive at the collection point. Invoices / Receipts will be sent to you if paid prior or on the receipt of cash on the day. We do not have card facilities at the moment.

 On the day

You are more than welcome to be there on the day but it is not a necessity. We will ensure that your boat is signed for on our delivery note and any keys are collected and again signed for at the destination. We also check over the boat to ensure that it is safe to travel and that all fenders and warps are secured inside.

Note: Due to the fact that some marinas are located down small roads, many of these are lined with trees and bushes. We have had occasions where the hull (especially dark blue hulls) get marked by overhanging bush or tree branches. We would like to note that although this cannot be avoided in some cases, we make every effort to avoid such things. The branch markings do just rub off however, and do not damage the hull in any way. We must however point out that we cannot accept liability for these marks.

Shrink wrapping will eliminate this if you are worried about it.


We really value your feedback. This will enable us to keep our services tailored to your needs. We would appreciate comments for the website too, so if we carry out transport for you, we would like to hear from you. We can then post photos of your boat or yacht being transported and it will give other people information on the service that we provide. Send us a note by clicking here.

Step 2 - Boat Preparation

Before transport, we advise that you prepare to ensure a trouble free trip.

We advise that you carry out the following list below

(If you prefer to book our services we can complete the list on your behalf)

  Preparation List

  • 1) Disconnect/Isolate batteries.
  • 2) Check and turn off all water and fuel tank valves.
  • 3) Remove any flammable substances - paints, thinners etc...
  • 4) Close and secure all windows and hatches.
  • 5) Close drawers and cupboards.
  • 6) Store and/or secure all loose items. (Internal/External)
  • 7) Remove and store ropes, fenders, life-rings etc.
  • 8) Remove canopies.
  • 9) Lower or remove any antennas or radar arches.
  • 10) Tilt up outdrive units for loading.
  • 11) Mast rigging and cabling must be removed or securely attached to the mast. Any wind instruments/Nav lights must be removed. Bottle screws should all be removed and stored safely on board.
If you require to book our services to carry out this list, please advise us at the time of booking, this will ensure we have the necessary equipment to do so. Failure to carry out this list may mean that the boat transport is delayed. Masts and rigging must be fully prepared for transport. This is usually carried out when the mast is removed. We will ensure the mast is secure on the boat or if placed on the trailer, but any ancillary parts, spreaders, and rigging will need to be secured. Removal of Navigation lamps, wind indicators or VHF antennas is also recommended.


For boats travelling to or from France/Spain, we will require the original documents for the vessel, which we will also photocopy (for customs purposes). These documents are; Registration papers or SSR certificate. For boats travelling to or from France/Spain, we will require the original documents for the vessel, which we will also photocopy (for customs purposes).

These documents are; Registration papers or SSR certificate. Insurance (also translated into Spanish if boat is going to Spain, your insurance provider will source this for you). VAT status (i.e. bill of sale or original purchase receipt showing that vat has been paid on the purchase of the boat).

We will also fill out an 'International consignment note, or CMR note upon collection, this is a legal requirement for all European journeys.


Our driver will check over the boat to ensure safety whilst being transported, and will visually inspect the hull, topsides and drive gear for condition, and produce a report before the boat is loaded, which is to be signed by the customer or customers representative. The same check will be carried out at the arrival point, where again, the report will be signed by the driver and the customer. This ensures maximum safety for both you, the customer and for us, in the unlikely event of any damage occurring. We are fully Insured and are members of the Road Haulage Association, ensuring quality and safety.

Step 3 - UK & Europe Boat Transportation

You can be rest assured that the safe transportation of your boat will be our top priority

 Boat Shift Trailer

We have designed and built our own trailer that combines state of the art equipment together with a design specific for boat hulls.

This trailer features the latest electronic braking system available and giving the best safety guarantee a new system called RSP - Roll Stability Programming. If the electronic unit senses that the trailer starts to roll, the brakes of the trailer are automatically activated to prevent a trailer roll over. The build of this trailer meets and exceeds all the latest build specifications, ensuring the very best conditions to transport boats.

3 Axles on air suspension and an increase in weight carrying capacity. Larger boat size capacity with extending rear bumper and lit wide load side markers.

Together with our Renault Premium tractor units, this will give the smoothest ride for all boats. The trucks are equipped with 420hp or 440hp engine, a 16 speed gearbox, electronically controlled air suspension, electronic anti lock braking system (linked to the trailer) and an extra exhaust braking system, all allowing very smooth control and braking.