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Step 3 - UK & Europe Boat Transportation

You can be rest assured that the safe transportation of your boat will be our top priority

 Boat Shift Trailer

We have designed and built our own trailer that combines state of the art equipment together with a design specific for boat hulls.

This trailer features the latest electronic braking system available and giving the best safety guarantee a new system called RSP - Roll Stability Programming. If the electronic unit senses that the trailer starts to roll, the brakes of the trailer are automatically activated to prevent a trailer roll over. The build of this trailer meets and exceeds all the latest build specifications, ensuring the very best conditions to transport boats.

3 Axles on air suspension and an increase in weight carrying capacity. Larger boat size capacity with extending rear bumper and lit wide load side markers.

Together with our Renault Premium tractor units, this will give the smoothest ride for all boats. The trucks are equipped with 420hp or 440hp engine, a 16 speed gearbox, electronically controlled air suspension, electronic anti lock braking system (linked to the trailer) and an extra exhaust braking system, all allowing very smooth control and braking.