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UK Boat Transport Information

Boat Moves within the UK

Modern road transport is governed by so much 'red-tape', mainly for safety reasons. We always keep within the law and have a “clean” history.This can be tedious but we have to work around problems the same as any other business.

Membership of the Road Haulage Association means we are kept up to date with all legislation as it happens. We have a good working relationship with all the various forces, and service providers to ensure your transport day goes without a hitch.

How big is your boat?

In the UK, loads up to 2.9m wide are classed as a normal load.
Over 2.9m wide are classified as wide-loads.

If your boat is wider than this, then by law, we are required to notify the Police force in each county through which the route will pass. The Police require two clear working days notice together with the exact dimensions of the vehicle and load, the collection and delivery addresses, the date(s) of the move, and the route. The Police may delay the movement times in the interest of road safety or if it may hold up other road users. Providing accurate details to the Police not only ensures that there are no issues during transit but also that adequate Insurance cover is provided.

Sometimes we need to provide an escort vehicle for the load if the police require it, and boats over 3.5m wide require an assistant to travel with the load, either in the cab or in an escort vehicle. We have our own 'Pilot' or Escort Vehicle service for Wide loads that require escorting.

Height limits in the UK vary depending on the route taken. There is no legal limit, but the maximum overall 'Safe' height is 16'6" (5M). Most motorway bridges are at least this height. The maximum height will be measured once the boat is loaded onto the trailer. If any items that can be removed or lowered from the roof this will ensure that your travelling height is as low as possible, making routes easier to plan and keeping distance travelled lower. Depending on the type of boat, the maximum height available will vary.